Elation NX 2


Code 1330000047

The NX2 is the ultimate compact yet powerful fully integrated lighting controller. As a member of the innovative ONYX platform from Obsidian Control Systems the NX2 is feature rich and never restricted in its capabilities.  NX2 includes a high-brightness full HD multi-touch screen, 8 assignable parameter encoders, an assistive mini touch-screen, full keypad and command section, a dedicated grandmaster and 10 full playbacks with four freely assignable buttons. Utilizing the latest in…



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Portable and compact fully featured lighting console
Adjustable 15.6” Full HD multi touch screen, 2x external 4K Touch Displays
64 Universe integrated processing
10 Playbacks, 8 Encoders, Keypad and internal 3.5″ touchscreen
Network, DMX, Timecode and Midi Connectivity