Yamaha – The Sound Business Choice

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to improve the sound quality of background music, speech and announcements that fill the spaces you spend time in?

Like lighting and aroma, sound has a huge impact on the mood of any room. Creating a high-quality sonic environment not only makes the space more pleasant, but it can also have a positive influence on per-customer spending and repeat business.

As sound professionals, we at Yamaha are dedicated to helping our customers create the most appealing, effective sonic environments for their needs. Commercial Installation Solutions was established just for that purpose, offering the most elegant, convenient sound systems available for commercial and public spaces.

Yamaha has more than a century of experience in musical instrument manufacture, plus extensive experience in processing and delivering sound. Industry-leading electronics technologies developed at our own R&D centers are used and highly valued by distinguished engineers in professional audio and broadcast applications worldwide. That same background and dedication is behind the system solutions we offer for commercial installations, giving our customers sound that is ideally tailored to their individual needs.

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